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All aspects of tree works, hedges and shrubs undertaken in and around surrounding areas of Bishops Stortford.

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Tree Felling

Damaged and diseased trees can pose a huge risk to your property and its surroundings. At D. R. Tree Services, we specialise in tree removal and felling services.

Stump Grinding

If you need to get rid of unsightly stumps in your garden, you can rely on us. At D. R. Tree Services, we offer top-quality stump grinding services. Our staff use the latest stump grinders, and can remove stumps to a depth of 4-6 inches below the ground.

Crown lifting

Crown lifting is the removal off low hanging branches to allow more clearance between the ground and the crown of the tree.

Crown Reductions

Crown reductions are when the tips of each branch around the sides and top of the are removed to make the tree smaller but still trying to keep a natural shape and balance to the trees crown.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the removal of some of the inner branches of the crown to allow light to come through and is also wind to reduce the sail of the tree to prevent branches from snaping out.

Hedge Cutting

Beautiful and well-maintained hedges can enhance the beauty of your garden and outdoor spaces. We offer bespoke hedge cutting services. We also offer hedge maintenance and removal services.

Garden Clearance

We can remove/dispose of your green garden waste - such as grass, leaves, branches.


Pollarding is the removal of all small branches and shoots, to promote growth and prevent the tree from outgrowing an allocated space. This process needs repeating every few years depending on species of tree.

Ivy removal

Ivy and other climbing plants can quickly overrun gardens, trees and even house walls. we offer a service where we safely remove and poison the ivy roots.

Crown Clean / Dead wooding

Crown cleaning consists of removing of crossing branches that are rubbing and also dead, diseased or dying branches from the crown to improve the overall health of the tree.

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